About Kreinsafe

Kreinsafe Hoist and Service Ltd. was registered in 2014 and our primary area of focus is the provision of overhead crane service at highly competitive rates while ensuring safety of personnel and equipment.

At Kreinsafe, we pride ourselves on making transparent deals with our customers.  All our current staff have well over 30 years combined overhead crane service experience working for leading overhead crane companies before setting out to work for Kreinsafe.  Our intention is to provide both overhead crane service and new cranes at affordable rates without compromising on safety. 

We are COR certified and have consistently maintained clean safety records over the years. We are also a consistent member of ISNetworld for the benefit of our local and US customers.

Supply & Installation of New Cranes

We supply and install new cranes at highly competitive prices compared  our competitors.

Periodic Overhead Crane Inspection

Our periodic inspections are completed timely with reports issued immediately. Areas of concerns (if any) are immediately brought to the attention of customers while advising them on what they can do to reduce breakdowns

Overhead Crane Modernization

One of our major areas of strength is modernizing old overhead cranes at affordable rates instead of recommending the purchase of new cranes. This helps our customers reduce maintenance costs and extended overhead crane life span.

Modernized – BeforeModernized – After

Chain fall & Lever hoist (Come Along) Certification with Load Test

We also provide certification of chain-fall and smaller lifting devices. We provide free pick-up and drop-off depending on quantity and location.

Overhead Crane Repair & Load Testing

We pride ourselves in being able to provide repair at the lowest cost without compromising quality by providing various alternative solutions, and ensuring our customers are not charged excessive parts cost. We also warranty our job as per industrial standards. We also have $5 Million Liability Insurance.

Supply of Crane Parts & Rigging Materials

We pride ourselves in being able to provide OEM parts at the  lowest available cost within industry, and sometimes, provide free delivery.

Parts Sales

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